Hi, I'm Rafael

I'm a 15 y/o webdeveloper, based in the Netherlands.

What I've made


Keep Clone

Project Internet Nation


Valeur Psychologie

Roeland Ruijsch Songwriting Studio

I'm constantly learning and improving

And I love to do so. It's what I'm passionate about. Therefore, most of the time you'll find me programming stuff or learning new languages/frameworks/technologies. Creating stuff and programming with others are things I really enjoy as well, which is why I share most of my projects on my GitHub.

I live in Roermond, The Netherlands. I program at school as well, since my school motivates me to what I like. However, I'm not only learning programming related stuff; I'm also learning about, for example, working in a scrum team.

Technologies that I'm familiar with

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Interested in me or my work?

Or just want to say hi? You can hit me up at rafael@rafaelklaessen.nl or you can use the form below. Of course, you can also connect with me via social media.

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